Back to the Beautiful (Cellar/Saalach) (2017)

Inspired by the Saalach river as both a site of natural beauty and potential border tension, Back to the Beautiful (Cellar) layers poetic and political video images, participatory encounters with the audience, and moments of live performance around the contradictory motifs of borders and beauty.  While grounded in the Saalach, the sections in this part of the participatory performative installation will also incorporate images and resonances from other sites of border anxiety globally.  Back to the Beautiful  (Cellar) has been developed by Sandra Chatterjee and Cynthia Ling Lee, in part through Borders Resurfacing, a long distance creative exchange by members of the Post Natyam [...]

UNFINISHED – Iteration I and II (2013/2014)

Inspired by Sikh-Hungarian painter Amrita Sher-Gil (1913-41) and her work – from childhood drawings, letters and articles, to her final unfinished painting — UNFINISHED unfolds into abstracted movement sequences, fragments of text and images exploring different facets of a nomadic aesthetic. Focusing on changing motifs and concerns in transit between Europe and India, the project explores the tensions, distances, displacements and overlaps of a nomadic aesthetic that feminist theorist Rosi Braidotti describes as “in transit” and “neither here nor there” (Braidotti 1994, p.14). Amrita Sher-Gil is quoted to have said in 1936: “Art, it is my conviction, must be connected to [...]

Table Conversations #3 – silent dialogues in space (2017/2018)

Concept, Choreography, Realization and Performance: Sandra Chatterjee, Chris Lechner and Sunita Asnani Table Conversations is a participatory performance, which tests communication instructions. In the process, we use codes and strategies from different dance and musical cultures. We ask: what reveals itself when we leave out the (spoken) word. What happens in intense silence? At the center of this work is a table, which functions as a platform for exchange, an instrument for navigation, a miniature stage for a dance, an installation. Tables and chairs are continuously rearranged. The audience becomes part of a series of “Table Conversations.” Table Conversations was initially [...]

TABLE CONVERSATIONS #3 – silent dialogues in space/ 6.-7-10.17/Köşk

  6. und 7. Oktober 2017, 20h Köşk, Schrenkstraße 8, 80339 München “Pay as You Wish.” Beschränkte Plätze. Anmeldung unter Table Conversations ist eine Performance, in der Kommunikationsanleitungen ausprobiert werden. Wir bedienen uns dabei an Codes und Strategien aus verschiedenen Tanz- und Musikkulturen. Was zeigt sich im Weglassen des gesprochenen Wortes, in der Intensität der Stille? Das Herzstück dieser Arbeit ist ein Tisch. Er dient als Plattform des Austausches, als Navigationsinstrument, als Miniaturbühne für ein Tanzstück, eine Installation. Tische und Stühle werden immer wieder neu platziert. Es entsteht eine Reihe von “Table [...]


Intercultural dance-theater, with: Shilpika Bordoloi, Veena Basavarajaiah, Sandra Chatterjee, Felix Bürkle, Direction: Aditee Biswas   National School of Drama; Bharat Rang Mahotsav (2010), New Delhi [...]

Classical Dance/Klassischer Tanz

KUCHIPUDI — BHARATANATYAM Sandra teaches and performs classical Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam. Regular classes in Munich in Kuchipudi are Fridays 17:30 hr -19:00 hrs and Workshops, one Sunday per Month, 11 hrs-13 hrs. Private classes upon request. For details, please send an email to babli @ Trailer- classical Indian dance/Sandra Chatterjee from Sandra Chatterjee on Vimeo.     Kuchipudi, one of the Indian classical dance forms, is named after the village Kuchilapuram/Kuchipudi in Andhra Pradesh, South India. It traces its origins to a dance theatre form traditionally danced by Brahmin men from this very village, performing male and female roles. This dance [...]

Dialog (ohne Titel) (2012)

Dialog ohne Titel_Trailer from Sandra Chatterjee on Vimeo.   Ein choreographischer Dialog zwischen Chris Lechner und Sandra Chatterjee Ein Lichtstrahl teilt den Raum. Trifft auf den Körper. Teilt den Körper. Immer wieder aufs Neue. Auf unterschiedliche Weise. Ein Tänzer und eine Tänzerin begegnen sich. Es geht um einen Dialog. Es geht um Formen– Formen, die sich im Körper manifestieren, ineinander übergehen. Ein gemeinsames Erkunden. Es geht um das Nomadische, um Fragen, die sich auftun auf Wegen, die man geht. Fragen, die das, was man wusste, in Frage stellen. Zwei Körper erkunden ihre Bewegungsvergangenheit— Zwei Tänzer erkunden die Reisen, Wege und Umwege, die sie zu [...]


  (Scroll down for GERMAN) Searching through her father’s collection of music records, Sandra finds traces that lead her to the work of Rabindranath Thakur. Alongside the memories of the Bengali songs of her childhood, she is fascinated by the philosophical and political ideas of the world-traveler Tagore, who saw the encounters between “East and West” as the important fact of the current age. In particular his thoughts on the role of “the West” in the world – between postcolonial modernity and nationalism – remain an important starting point for a choreographic memory- approximately a hundred years later, and in the diaspora. Between these overlapping layers of [...]